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Statement of Truth 

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NOTE:  It's very important that during the application process you upload all required documents as per the job description (e.g. high school diploma/college degree, CPR/AED certification, DMV report, typing certificate, teaching license, etc.)

Each time that I save this online application, I am certifying that the information, statements, and documentation submitted on or in conjunction with this employment application are true, correct, complete, and accurate as of the date and time this online application is saved.

I acknowledge and understand that any false, misleading, or incomplete statement, misrepresentation, or omission of fact made in conjunction with this employment application shall result in my immediate removal from consideration for employment or my dismissal.

I acknowledge and understand that before any employment contract becomes effective, I must personally comply with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 and I must possess and produce any required license from the Nevada Department of Education.

Notice - If you decline to make this certification and acknowledgement, you will not be allowed to edit any of your application information. You will be immediately logged out of the system and sent back to the login screen. You must make this certification and acknowledgment each time you make changes this online application.